What Quilting Thread Color Should I Use?

Hello to all..I picked this up from a quilting blog site I go to all the time. The question was: What quilting thread color should be used when quilting a quilt that has blocks using several different fabric colors…

The answer here is that there IS NO ANSWER! (I am honestly shouting this here).

What Quilting Thread Color

EVERYONE has a different opinion about quilting thread color and what works best on a quilt:

You can use one color of thread on your quilts.
Or you can use hundreds of colors.
You can quilt exclusively in variegated threads.
Or you can stick with only solid colors.
You can change color within a block if you like.
Or you can quilt each block fully before changing color for the next block.
Are you starting to see just HOW MANY choices you have when it comes to thread on your quilts?

If you hate struggling with this whole thing, pick one quilting thread color and buy it in bulk so you don’t have to question what to use.

If anyone asks, tell them you inherited all of it and must use up all 300 spools before you die. That usually makes people walk away slowly and stop asking questions.

That last statement made me laugh…..  solves the whole issue!