Unique New Quilting Tools now available from WCM Quilters Slidelock

The new Quilters Slidelock tools are as much of an improvement over the regular quilting ruler as the rotary cutter is over regular scissors.  Available in both 24″ and 14″ inch lengths, Quilters Slidelock tools will forever change the way quilters cut quilt block strips and pieces.   “I am more than pleased with the Slidelock tools!!  There is no longer any other way to cut quilt top strips and pieces as far as I’m concerned!  I really do love this method of cutting my quilting material and will never go back to the old way!”  That’s just some of what DJ had to say about her new Quilters Slidelock tools.  Visit us at www.quiltersslidelock.com to read more of what real quilters have to say about these unique new quilting tools.