Best Quilter’s Rotary Cutting Guide – American Made, Quilter Tested!

We take great pride in producing a quality innovative quilting tool made right here in America — the Quilters Slidelock® rotary cutting guide.  Tested by the very quilters who use them, our Slidelock tools have proven to be without equal.  We can say with confidence that the Quilters Slidelock® quilter’s cutting guide is the very first rotary cutting guide that actually works.  Neither Slidelock nor quilt fabric will move while cutting with a rotary cutter.

Best Quilter’s Cutting Guide

Quilters Slidelock® solves one of the oldest problems quilters face

How many times has your ruler slipped when your cutting WOF strips and quilt block pieces? How often do you find yourself stretching, easing or trimming sewn block pieces to make them fit. Frustrating isn’t it.

When quilters switched from using scissors to cutting quilt top pieces with a rotary cutter, they also needed a straight edge as a rotary cutting guide. The 24″ quilting ruler quickly became the standard ruler used by the majority of all quilters when rotary cutting. With that choice came an unwanted but built-in problem. Sideways slipping. For years now quilters have tried a whole range of fixes to stop the slipping problem. Nothing has worked. Why? Because we only have one hand and five fingers to hold down a long flat ruler. Applying as much pressure as possible to the ruler with our hand and doing the “spider walk” up along the ruler as we cut simply cannot stop slippage. The pressure point of our hand is directly under our hand, the remaining ruler length has no pressure on it at all. And therein lies the problem

Eleven fingers instead of five — the perfect solution

Quilters Slidelock® uses a full, length of tool retractable gripper system that locks both Slidelock and quilt fabric to the cutting surface. It’s like having eleven fingers all in a row.  Nothing moves. A minimal amount of continuous downward pressure on the handle extends the grippers through the base and onto your fabric.  Maintaining that pressure while you cut eliminates all sideways slippage.  The result is perfectly sized straight WOF strips and pieces.  Replacing your quilt ruler with a Quilter’s Slidelock® means you no longer need to put excessive hand pressure in only one location on a ruler or spider walk your hand as you cut.

A dynamic duo — the 24″ and 14″ Quilters Slidelock®

The 24″ Quilters Slidelock® was designed to use in place of the 24″ ruler. Its full width of fabric length makes cutting WOF strips a fast, accurate and straight solution to a years-old problem.  Every strip is the same size from one end to the other.  Here’s a tip, pressing the fold of your fabric before cutting strips, eliminates the wonky curves that often happen during cutting.  This allows full use of the entire strip length

The 14″ Quilters Slidelock® is the “go-to” quilter’s cutting guide tool every quilter can depend on.  Use it to cut single strips into pieces, perfectly cut half-square and quarter-square triangles and to shave off that little bulge or tip that often occurs during sewing.  I have a 14″ Slidelock and a small cutting mat sitting directly beside my sewing machine.  As I sew and press pieces into block sections, I trim and square up where ever needed before assembling those pieces into a finished block.  A real time saver for me.

Wondering why you need to trim if the pieces you cut are exact size.  Because some fabrics stretch as we sew or, maybe our sewn seam is a bit off.  The 14″ Slidelock rotary cutting guide lets you “shave” the smallest bit of fabric from your block sections or from the entire block without altering the overall size at all.  Constructing a quilt block has never been easier.

Replace the standard flat quilting ruler you are using as a rotary cutting guide with  a Quilters Slidelock® .   Join the many quilters who have made the switch and you will be one happy quilter.