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“There is nothing quite so frustrating as positioning your ruler on the fabric, start the cut and as you approach the end the ruler slips. With Slidelock there isn’t that slipping.”
“Got both sizes of your Slidelocks and LOVE IT. I have arthritis. Your tool has made my quilting cuts perfect.”
“I have the Arctic Ice 24” Slidelock quilting ruler and I love it. My cuts are all even now. I took the Slidelock with me to my sewing store today and showed it to them. Very good thank you. I always had a problem cutting quilt blocks even.”
“I just want to share with you another wonderful use for your awesome quilting ruler! I discovered this yesterday while layering my quilt. I had just used the 24” Slidelock to cut some fleece strips and it was still laying nearby. Trying to smooth the layers with my hand was not working and was causing pain in my neck and shoulder (I am disabled and have chronic pain and fibromyalgia). I grabbed the Slidelock and took a swipe across the quilt and the wrinkles vanished as it passed. One pass from center to each edge then from center to each corner and my layers were as flat as if I had ironed them!!! Another super use for an already awesome quilting tool.”
Linda W.
“I just finished a project making 10 children’s pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer. These pillowcases go to children who are battling serious diseases. Your Slidelock quilting ruler made this project a breeze.”
“I purchased the “show special” at Quilt Week in Paducah in April. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am not a “professional” quilter nor have I been at it for years. I have never felt so confident cutting strips, blocks and just about anything else. This is an amazing tool. Only wish I’d discovered it earlier as it has made cutting fabric for my projects so much easier and more accurate. No more having the ruler slip at the end of the cut and everything being “wonky”. If anyone is considering whether or not to buy this quilting tool, don’t hesitate. It is marvelous.”
“I used the 24″ Slidelock yesterday for the first time. It is absolutely fabulous!”
“I bought the two Quilter’s Slidelock quilting rulers years ago. I love them! I have to say this was one of my best purchases ever. Thank You!”
Joan W.
“I received my Slidelocks today, and I am delighted.”
“I am 46 and have rheumatoid arthritis since I was 20. I started quilting two years ago and feared I would have to give it up because of the pain in my hands. Because of your Quilters Slidelock invention, I may just get to quilt for the next twenty-years.”
“After using the Lighted Edge 3-piece Quilter’s Slidelock set for less than a day, I was hooked. I love your products. They worked so well for me that I took them to my next quilting class and demonstrated them. Everyone was impressed! Thanks for making such great products!”
Linda C.
“Mom absolutely loves her new Slidelock as she adjusts to losing sight in one eye. The neon Slidelock has helped her continue her quilting hobby.”
“I received my Slidelock quilting ruler and have been using it for the past few days. I LOVE IT! This is not just another gadget – this really works! I can now cut fabric in far less time and with great precision. It has not slipped once. I’m very happy. I bought the shorter one from a vendor at a quilt show a week ago because it was the only size they had and I immediately knew I had to have the 24” model, so I came home from the show and immediately ordered it from you. What a great product!”
“My Slidelock quilting rulers came today. Immediately tried them out. Oh my goodness. Why did I wait so long to order? I could not possibly be any happier with my purchase. Just had to tell you. Have a super day.”
“I bought the two Quilter’s Slidelock quilting rulers years ago. I love them! I have to say this was one of my best purchases ever. Thank You!”
Joan W.
“Arctic Ice Slidelock quilting ruler: fantastic product. The website Key Features are true. Thank you for making it.”
“I just bought one of the Slidelocks at the Houston show and I love it!”
“I got the Slidelock quilting rulers yesterday. FAR OUT!!!! I love them!! Thank you so much.”