Quilt Con Show

Quilters Slidelock will be demonstrating the Slidelock tools at the Quilt Con Show in Austin, Texas, February 19 – 21st,  Booth Number 421.

3 thoughts on “Quilt Con Show”

  1. I purchased your large and small slide lock rulers and have enjoyed them greatly. The small one is giving me some issues as it seems that the silicone “balls” are sticking in the down position which then prevents the handle from returning to the normal position. What can be done to fix this problem.? You may reply by email if that is most convenient for you.

    1. Hi Adele,
      Not sure what is happening there. Return the 14″ Slidelock to us at WCM Quilters Slidelock, PO Box 525, Scottsburg, OR 97473 (if you are shippping USPS) or the WCM Quilters Slidelock, 123 Burchard Drive, Scottsburg, OR 97473 if shipping by UPS or Fedx. They will take a look at that, repair it and return it to you at no charge. Be sure to include your name and shipping address inside of the box. Talk with you soon. Sharon

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