Dragonskin® Resize-It


The RESIZE-IT templates solve the frustrating problem of trying to resize sewn half-square and quarter-square triangles into perfectly sized quilt block segments.

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Dragonskin® RESIZE-IT Template Set

Struggle to cut away the excess fabric of an oversized triangle unit without any shifting of fabric or template? These RESIZE-IT templates will not move. Need to resize sewn half-square and quarter-square triangles into perfectly-sized quilt block segments? Each Dragonskin® RESIZE-IT template features a built-in handle, two highly visible diagonal alignment lines, and are sized to include a quarter-inch seam allowance, so no additional measurement lines are needed. Use each template in the set to resize your triangle segments to a perfect 2½”, 3½” or 4½” unfinished quilt block piece.

  • Non-skid Dragonskin® stops all template movement
  • Easy to hold permanently attached safety handle
  • Precisely etched diagonal lighted alignment lines
  • Quarter-inch thick template for rotary cutting safety
  • Transparent see through template in Lighted Edge green
  • Multiple uses
Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 2.5 in