14″ Lighted Edge Slidelock


The Lighted Edge Slidelock provides a well-lit, clearly defined cutting guide and is perfect for use at the sewing machine.

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14″ Lighted Edge Slidelock®

When you place the Lighted Edge Slidelock on your fabric, a well-lit, clearly defined cutting guide edge appears, regardless of the color or type of fabric in use.

The 14″ Lighted Edge Slidelock® is perfect for use at the sewing machine, creating a fast way to trim and cut chain pieced block sections apart without moving to the cutting table. The tool is also an excellent companion when working with templates. No more ruined templates, no shifting of fabric, and no sideways movement of the template while you cut. Easily trim ragged block edges, remove dog ears and stretched fabric sections away from your blocks without altering the seam allowance or cutting off triangle points.

  • Perfect for quilters who may not see as clearly as they once did
  • Highlights all fabric colors, prints and shades
  • Excellent for use in dimly lit class rooms or anywhere lighting is a problem
  • The Lighted Edge® Slidelock base color will never fade or change
  • No batteries or bulbs required.


Slidelock Engraving

When you check out… add WOW to your Quilters Slidelock with your name on a custom engraved handle. Great for personalizing your own Slidelock or giving as a gift!

Engraving your Slidelock costs an additional $12.95.

Weight 1.125 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3.5 × 3 in