Point, Joint and Seam Quilt Tacking

Working with 60-degree Tumbling Block pieces reminds me of a quilt tacking assembly trick I’ve learned to rely on whenever I work with diamonds, triangle points, or any straight line angled block pieces.

Quilt Tacking   

As I begin attaching sewn pieced segments into a block, I match the sections together at the key junction points and “tack” using only a few stitches where the adjoining seams meet.

I do this at each seam junction.

Flip the tacked sections open right sides up.

Then verify that the adjoining seams match exactly. If not, it only takes a second to remove the few quilt tacking stitches, realign and “tack”. When the tacked sections are perfectly aligned to your satisfaction, finish sewing the two sections together and press.

Point, Joint and Seam Quilt Tacking

It is much easier to remove a few tacked stitches than it is to rip out an entire sewn section and redo. I use the same “quilt tacking” step to align and sew half-square and quarter-square pieces into individual block sections and those sections into finished blocks. Use the same tacking technique to match up block seams and triangle points when sewing finished rows together.

Quilt tacking with a few stitches at the key junction points will save you hours of time and frustration.

Hint: quilt tacking at the quarter-inch seam line ensures alignment accuracy. There is no need to remove the tacking stitches as you are simply sewing directly over them. Adds extra stitching reinforcement at the seams.

I hope this helps!

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