Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Slidelock Quilting Ruler?

Simply put, the Quilter’s Slidelock quilting ruler is a tool that fixes the slipping problem when cutting fabric. Now you can easily (and safely!) make accurate cuts each and every time.

Is the Slidelock easy to use? What if you’re a beginner?

You can learn to use the Slidelock quilting ruler in 10 seconds. It’s really that easy. If you’re an experienced quilter, don’t let its ease-of-use fool you! The Slidelock is just as valuable to seasoned veterans of quilting as it is to the newbie!

Where can I buy Quilter’s Slidelocks?

Quilter’s Slidelocks are available from the following websites:

What does a Quilter’s Slidelock do?

Quilter’s Slidelock rulers use a full ruler-length gripper system to securely lock both the Slidelock and your fabric to your cutting mat while you cut. Absolutely nothing moves. The ¼” inch thick base adds an extra measure of rotary cutting safety. A Quilters Slidelock non-slip quilting ruler is an excellent solution for quilters who have all but given up quilting due to arthritis, carpal tunnel or other conditions that have made using excessive hand pressure on a flat ruler all but impossible. Watch our easy-to-follow “What is A Slidelock” tutorial.

Can you put a Quilter’s Slidelock on any ruler?

Quilter’s Slidelocks are never placed on top of another quilting ruler. You simply cut along the Slidelock edge with your rotary cutter instead of trying to cut against a thin quilting ruler. The Slidelock’s quarter-inch thick base makes it all but impossible to nick and ruin your cutter blade. Watch our “How to Use a Quilters Slidelock” to learn more.

Does the Quilter’s Slidelock handle fit on any quilting ruler?

The Quilter’s Slidelock safety handle is a built-in component of the Slidelock ruler and is not removable. Simply place your hand on the handle center, push down, hold and cut. It takes only minimal hand pressure to hold the Slidelock in place. There is no need to “walk your hand” up the Slidelock handle as you cut.

Do I have to use a special rotary cutter?

No. Most rotary cutter brands work equally well with Quilter’s Slidelock rulers. We personally use Olfa cutters. The exceptions are the specialized proprietary brands that use a larger center mounting bolt for the cutter blade and a “L” shaped bent handle.

More questions?

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