20 thoughts on “How to use a Quilters Slidelock!”

    1. Hello Patricia,

      You can purchase Quilters Slidelocks directly from our webpage quiltersslidelock.com, or from nancy’s notions.

      Happy Quilting!

    1. Hello Patricia,

      Prices are as listed on the website: $ 46.55 for the 24″, $ 36.55 for the 14″, $ 109.85 for the 3 Piece Package (1) 14″, (1) 24″, (1) Lighted Lines Ruler. Free shipping is offered on the 3 piece package only. We ship Priority Mail. Visit our website quiltersslidelock.com watch our tutorials. Thank you for your interest in our Quilters Slidelock tools. Sharon

  1. Wow glad to have found your product, the safety issue in the craft is so important and you have one of the best answers that I have found out there on the market. We need one for smaller work like the crazy pieces that I use for scrappy quilts. Something that will hold smaller template pieces.

    1. Hello Dana,

      We only manufacture the two sizes, the 24″ and the 14″ units at this time. I personally use the 14″ unit for all of my small cutting needs. All that is needed is one gripper on the fabric being cut to hold it motionless while cutting. Give it a try.


  2. I just placed an order and on checking the address I put the wrong zip code. It should be 85254. Sally munson

  3. I have just purchased the 24″ lighted slidelock but I cant tell from your video if the lighted ruler is as thick as the slidelock. I am not sure if the thickness of the lighted ruler is important or not.

    1. Hello Linda, I just sent you a separate email regarding your question. Let me know if I can be of any further help. Regards, Sharon

  4. First, I love the slidelock. However, I received mine for Christmas, opened the package and got 3 splinters in my hand from the rough unsanded wood. It took my son less than 5 minutes to put a smooth surface to the product. Please invest in the time. Splinters under the fingernail hurt.

    1. Lynn, We are so sorry to hear that…. All of the handles are sanded in production. Not sure what happened with that handle. We do apologize to you. Sharon

    1. Thank you Bart. Quilters Slidelocks make the biggest difference in cutting. Fast, straight and accurate with absolutely no sideways slipping.

  5. Mariaelena Wallace

    I love the slider rulers with the wood handles. Two of my friends bought some after playing with mine. Have you thought of making one that is square 10”x10”? I would love one that size for after I iron my pieces or squares as they cool from the heat of the iron. The weight of the square would help so they do not stretch

    1. Hi Maria Elena, So good to know that you like our Slidelocks. It does make us smile. We hadn’t thought of a 10×10 before. Do appreciate your suggestion. Happy Quilting! Sharon

  6. HI, just received your quilter’s slidelock. I was wondering , just a suggestion but it would be
    helpful it the ruler had measurements on it. For example a 2.5 inch line going across, lots of quilters use this measurement for their jelly rolls. thanks

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