2 thoughts on “Precut Fabric Strip Layers in Under 10 Mins”

  1. The thickness of the slidelock seems to be too thick for my cutting tool. I’m using 45 Olfa cutting tool. Am I holding the cutting tool correctly? Thank you.

    1. Hi Ruth, I use and have always used Olfa cutters; both the 45mm and the 60mm. I have no problems cutting against the Slidelocks with either tool. If you watch any of our how-to videos, you will see those rotary cutters being used. One question? are you by chance placing the Slidelock “on top” of a quilting ruler? Slidelocks were not designed to be used that way. If not, how many fabric layers are you cutting at one time. I cut 6 layers with a 45mm and up to 10 layers using a 60mm. I am unable to see how you are holding the rotary cutter. The handle of the cutter should be tilted up but not straight up. I also tilt my cutter handle just a smidgen outward away from the slidelock. Doing so holds just a small portion of the cutter blade directly against the guiding edge of the Slidelock base without “rubbing” the blade against the Slidelock edge. Just that little bit of tilt significantly extends the life of your cutter blade. Again, I suggest you visit our website quiltersslidelock.com and watch the “how it works” video on the home page. Notice how the cutter handle is held while cutting. You can reach me at sharon@quiltersslidelock.com anytime. I will be glad to call and walk you through the cutting process anytime. Happy Quilting!

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