4 thoughts on “How To Cut Half & Quarter-Square Triangles”

  1. Ruth Wildermuth

    Very impressed. Cutting for me is the most difficult process of quilting and half square triangles are especially difficult.

    1. Thank you Ruth. The Quilters Slidelock tools have made all the difference in how I cut. Especially my nemesis half square and quarter square triangles. I always dreaded cutting those. I would have to cut 10 to get 5 that were actually the same size. Now I don’t even think about it, I just line up the Slidelock and cut.


  2. I am making a “card trick” quilt and the blocks are 5 & 1/4″ and 4 & 7/8″. Not sure how to use the slidelock to obtain these sizes. Thank you for your help. Linda

    1. Hello Linda, I do apologize for the delay in responding. Our major winter storm knocked out all power, phones and internet services. You do not measure with a Slidelock. You measure with a ruler. Once you have the strip or piece width established, slide the Slidelock up to the leading edge of the ruler, push down on the handle and hold. Move the ruler aside slightly, pickup your cutter and cut along side the quarter-inch slidelock edge. Nothing will move but your cutter. I recommend you watch our “what is a Slidelock” video on the website. It shows you exactly how quilters use the Quilters Slidelocks. Happy Quilting! Sharon

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