Cutting Angles, Triangles, Diamonds & More

In this tutorial, I show you how to cut a number of different shapes of pieces from the same strip.

The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to straighten my strip a little bit, come in with my ruler, pat them together, make sure they’re all exactly lined up, and then I’m just going to slide right up to a table line here. Then, we’ll use the ruler here to square up the end.

Just come in like this, hold that in place, and I’ll get my short tool here, and we’ll place the tool with the end out here and the grippers right here on the fabric. We’ll lock that down and we’ll square the end up. Now we can cut multiple pieces very, very fast from this strip.

Next I’ll come back to my strip. I’ll straighten it just a little bit to make sure it’s right against the tool so that when I placed my rule on here, no matter where I go, it will always make the same angle cut no matter what template I’m using.

We’ll cut a two and a half inch square here. Swing around like that. Get your grippers on there. Lock that down. Eight layers, which we’ll put right there.

Next we’ll come back to our strip, and straighten it a bit. The next cut will be a 60 degree cut with a template. We’ll come in. I’ll just line up right at the end, hold that in place, and again, my tool is holding my template so that every time I make a 60 degree cut, it will be exactly the same. Okay, line up, hold my template in place, swing around, and lock this fabric down. Okay. There’s a set of 60 degree triangles there.

Now we’ll come back, we’ll straighten our strip again. I’ll come back with my template. Again, I can repeat that cut as many times down the line as I want to go. All I have to do is line up the template with the length that I need, hold it in place, lock that in position, make the cut. There’s a whole stack of eight. That’ll make you a six point star, or you can get about two and a half tumbling blocks out of there.

Okay. I’ll come back and straighten my strip again. And now we’ll go to a triangle, a 60 degree triangle. If you’re cutting hexagon pieces, they’re very, very difficult to cut, but when you make triangles like this, you can make a hexagon out of those very, very easily. A lot simpler than trying to cut them individually. Okay. Straighten my strip again. And we’ll trim the end of this off. This will give me another 60 degree triangle. I use the narrow side against my cutline here, because I can get just a little more pressure there. Now this is a matching triangle to this guy.

Now, we’ll come in. I’m going to switch to a 45 degree template. The 45 degree template will let me cut half square triangles, a little different way of cutting a half square. I’m square here. I just line up with the point, swing around with my tool, lock that down, and there’s a whole stack of half square triangles. Now I’ll come right back and I’ll straighten my strip. I’ll turn my template over so I can use the square end, come back in, line up there, and I can cut another stack of half square triangles again. And you can repeat that right down the line if you don’t want to make nothing but half squares or any shape that you’re working on. Okay, I’ll come back. I’ll do one more here, because we want to cut some diamonds here. We’ll hold that in place. We’ll just make another stack of half square triangles just for something to do.

Now I can come back and I’ll straighten my strip again, put my template on. I’ll move my template in ways till I get the measurement that I need. This will let me cut an eight point star all at one time. Just that easy.

Now you can take and continue right on down the line with as many shapes as you want for anything that you want to do. You can put all of these together. Kind of got them a little bit out of sorts here. But you can see how they all come together right off of the same strip. And then we’ll just come in with the tool here and we’ll just straighten them a little bit. You can kind of see where you’re at right there. It’ll let you cut multiple pieces very, very exact.

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    1. Hi Karol,

      Any quilt pattern with unfinished block sizes of 8.5″, 7.5″ 6.5″ will by design have block sections of 4.5″, 3.5″ or 2.5″ sizes. I also use the resize-it templates to resize a block section that does not have triangles in it. I simply fold the section in half then in half again and finger press the center. Position the X found in the exact center of the resize-it directly on the finger pressed fabric X, and trim. I have found that this lets me evenly trim a block section so all of the smaller fabric components in that section are evenly sized. In other words, no one fabric piece appears under sized against the other sections. Hope that made sense. Sharon

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