14 thoughts on “How to cut exact sized Tumbling Blocks”

    1. Thank you Janet. We will be adding more how-to videos to our Snippets page on our website quiltersslidelock.com in the very near future. We appreciate your feedback. Happy Quilting! Sharon

  1. This is so interesting. I have learned so much. Do you sell the rulers or are they in stores. I really want one of each.
    I am just starting to learn to quilt and really love it.
    Sincerely Jan Hoffman.

    1. Hello Janice….. We do sell the rulers. visit our website: quiltersslidelock.com. In addition to the Quilters Slidelock products shown there, we also have several how-to videos.

  2. I am just learning to quilt and enjoyed this and learned so much. I have problems with exactness. These rulers are amazing. I have seen these used at quilt shops. Where are they available on line or stores ? Thank you

  3. I have had your slide lock rulers now for about a year. I use them exclusively. They are well made and definitely worth the money! Thanks for making them!

    1. Thank you Harriet. Cut and sew three complete block sections from scrap fabrics. Once you have done this you will quickly see how easy it is. The combinations that can be made out of this simple block are endless. I love making them. Sharon

  4. Sheila Findley

    Thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial and am impressed that you shared the importance of exact measurements. Just one small error will set off unaccounted errors throughout your finished piece. You never can make up for that one small error. Excellent tutorial. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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