24 thoughts on “Adding a 1/4″ Inch Measurement Line To Your Slidelock”

  1. I am loving your products and would like to purchase them. However, as I live in Australia, I am not able to complete my purchase online. Can you please advise how I can do this. I have an ABN and work in the quilting business in regional New South Wales.

    Do you have an Australian supplier?

    1. Hello Suzanne,

      Hang on just a bit longer. We just opened shipping to Canada and are in the process of setting up to ship to countries across the sea. Should take place in early 2017. In the meantime, you can purchase our products from http://www.barnyarns.co.uk

      1. Mildred Wollersheim

        I would like very much to order from you. Where do I go to order. These are amazing thank you very much

        1. Hello Mildred, You can purchase them from our website: quiltersslidelock.com, or from nancysnotions.com or quiltinaday.com. I do think you will like them. They made a world of difference in my cutting. Sharon

  2. I talked to you at the Santa Clara show about my large slidelock ruler not holding the fabric down and that it slides off of the fabric. You told me to check certain ways on my ruler and I did. The ruler seems to be warped on one end. What should I do as you told me you would replace it if wasn’t the table that was warped.

    1. Please provide your shipping address. We will replace your Slidelock. We ship UPS Ground. Will need a street address.

      Regards, Sharon

    1. Hello Judy, Please do the following and let me know the results please. 1) remove all fabric from your cutting mat then place the Slidelock on the mat sideways to you. Push down and hold. Continue holding while you look under the Slidelock from the side view and see if all grippers are extended through the base to the mat. Two things to take note of: a) is there a definite gap between any area of the slidelock base in the hold down position where you can clearly see under? Where say, the grippers towards each of the ends are meeting the mat, the grippers in the center are extended but not touching the mat. If that is the case, it is possible that the cutting table has a slight bow in it. To confirm that, turn the Slidelock on its long edge. Hold down and look to see if again there is a visible gap in the center. You can also check this by doing the same test on a different flat surface. If a gap shows up on the table surface you generally cut on but not on the second surface you try that on, then the Slidelock is OK. 2) Next, position the Slidelock on fabric in the horizontally close to you. Push down and hold. Tug (not yank) the fabric at different points along the Slidelock base to see if the fabric is moving. We do have to put a certain amount of firm downward pressure while we cut. If we don’t but instead push down only slightly, the fabric will move. Please send your comments to quiltersslidelock@gmail.com along with your phone number so I can talk to you directly.

      Regards, Sharon

  3. Sharon,
    I just placed an order December 17, 2016
    free shipping, yet shipping is on my invoice? Did I misunderstand?

    1. Hello Irene,
      Only the 3-piece package(s) have free shipping. Additional items added to an order do have shipping charges. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free shipping on the entire product line.

  4. Mary Alice Gallagher

    Do you have paypal as an option? I very much want to purchase one but am Very nervous about putting credit card info out.Or do you have a phone number I can call and order over? I am in ohio

    1. All of the incoming orders placed on our website are processed via PayPal. We see no credit card information. We do manually process orders from time to time at customer request. That too is processed via PayPal and all credit card numbers manually processed are immediately shredded. Our phone number is 541-587-4482 Office hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Sharon

  5. This is one of the BEST tools I have ever found in my over 40 years if sewing and quilting. I love every piece. The lighted lines ruler is so great I had to get one of each. I teach classes to students at all levels of experience and skill levels, and all the students love this. It is great for those new to cutting, since it makes it so much easier, and also great for those of us that are a little older, and for my students with strength issues or Arthritis, as it is a much more comfortable way to hold things steady when you are cutting.

  6. Absolutely love the ifo on adding a quarter inch line to my Slidelock rullers!!! My husband has that digital caliper, so am putting him to work today to make mine!!! Thanks again.

  7. It’s late 2017 and you said in early 2016 there could be shipping to Australia has this happened yet as I can only see USA or Canada
    I would love to purchase these

    1. Hi Kerry, Unfortunately we have never been able to work out a reasonable method for international shipping. As a small company, we simply cannot offer international shipping at an affordable rate. Quilters Slidelocks are now available from Amazon.com who can offer better shipping options than we can. Happy Quilting! Sharon

    1. Yes you can. Works well. Just be sure not to wobble while you are doing that. Have added a 1/4″ line to the Slidelock tools I use. Sharon

  8. Mrs Marie Grieves

    Loving this product, are we able to purchase in the United Kingdom. If not how much would it cost me for ruler plus postage?

    1. Hi Marie,
      You can order directly from Barnyarns.co.uk They carry our products and ship all over the world. Happy Quilting! Sharon

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