The Slidelock® Story

A big hello to all our quilting friends,

This is Sharon Williams and together with my husband Earl we own WCM Quilters Slidelock—home of the most amazing quilting tool ever—the Quilters Slidelock®.

Earl developed The Slidelock tool after listening to me complain about my ruler slipping once again while I was cutting fabric for a quilt project. Another width-of-fabric strip ruined. Naturally, I had no more of the fabric I had just destroyed and nothing in my entire stash I could use. A situation many of you can relate to.

Not long after, Earl brought me a prototype of what was to become the 24” Quilters Slidelock. It took only moments for me to discover how truly amazing the Slidelock was. It was exactly what I needed. Not only could I quickly cut quilting fabric to exact size, I could do so without any sideways movement of the Slidelock at all. Every strip and piece I cut was perfect.

I couldn’t wait to show it to my quilting friends.

At my next quilt guild meeting, I introduced our terrific new tool and demonstrated how to use it. One after the other guild members gave it a try. The response was over whelming. Everyone wanted one. Neither Earl nor I had thought that far ahead. The only thing I could do was take orders. Imagine Earl’s surprise when I came home and told him I needed 52 Slidelocks.

Not long after, we filed for our patent and formed the WCM Quilters Slidelock Company. That was a little over two-years and thousands of Slidelocks ago. Since then we have added a second Slidelock size—the 14” tool to our product line and continue to explore new ways to solve everyday quilting problems.

We travel to quilt shows throughout the country demonstrating our fabulous Quilters Slidelock tools. We have met many wonderful quilters who willingly share their quilting experiences with us. It is truly gratifying to have quilters come up and tell us how much they like their Slidelocks.

Both Earl and I know you will enjoy your Quilters Slidelock tools as much as our many Quilters Slidelock users do.

Happy Quilting,