A rotary cutter and a Quilters Slidelock are all that’s needed to accurately cut strips for a fractured quilt

My rotary cutter and a Quilters 24″ Slidelock were the only two quilting tools needed to accurately cut quilt fabric strips for the two Fractured Quilts shown here.  All I had to do was measure the strip width needed, lock the Slidelock in place and cut with my rotary cutter.  Every strip, cut to exact size.  An absolute must when making  fractured quilts.  I cut all the strips for the Red Poppy wall quilt shown here in less than an hour – twenty-two 3″ inch strips in all.  Both the Red Poppy Quilt and the Sunflower Quilt started out as panels.   I think they turned out pretty well.  I’m now working on creating fractured quilt blocks from non-panel quilt fabric.  As you can tell, I’m hooked.  The possibilities are endless.