How to Cut an 8-Point Star Quilt Pattern – Quilting Tutorial

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Okay, we’re going to cut an 8-point star quilt pattern with these diamonds that we just cut a moment ago.

How to Cut an 8-Pointed Star Quilt Pattern

I need some squares and some half squares to complete the diamond into a block. So we have a three and a half-inch strip here. We’re going to trim up the end of it. Square up the end of it. Let’s hold that in place, come in with my tool, lock that down. These are two layers of fabric that I’m cutting here.

Now come back with my tool, line up. We’ll make the first three and a half-inch square. These could be cut in multiples too if you’re doing a number of blocks. Back again, straighten my strip, back in. 3.5 inches again. And one more. And we’ll cut this one into half squares.

Now I don’t want to move my fabric, so I’m going to take the strip away, come in with my tool, and I tilt it like this to keep it from moving the fabric so that I can get lined up with the points on the square. Hold it down, make the cut. Just that easy.

Okay, now we’ll build a star. Take our diamonds here. Get my pencil. Fan out the pieces so I can get ahold of them. And we’ll just line them up with the table line here like this. Now half squares. And now the full squares. Just that quick and that easy to build a block.

You can cut your pieces in multiples, which will let you make many, many pieces very, very fast and very accurately.

Next, we’ll switch to how to cut a 6-point star quilt pattern.

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