Make Precision Cuts in

Providing you with a firm, lock-like grip on your fabric, the Quilter’s Slidelock non-slip quilting ruler allows you to easily and safely make precision cuts in half the time!

The Quilters Slidelock ruler is a non-slip quilting ruler for rotary cutting that solves the three biggest problems quilters face while trying to cut fabric: slippage, cutting and FRUSTRATION! The Quilters Slidelock holds the fabric securely, protects your fingers, and most importantly, is easy to use!

DIY Precuts:
Cut Fourty-Two, 2-1/2" inch WOF Strips in under 10 minutes

Cut More Precisely

Say goodbye to inaccurate cutting due to ruler slippage

Protect Your Hands

No more fear of cutting your fingers

Save Your Fabric

No more fabric waste due to poor cutting

Save Your Time

With Quilter's Slidelock, you can cut multiple layers of fabric all at once

Featured Products

Arctic Ice Slidelock

Get a sharp clear view of your fabric detail without any distracting shadow or glare

Lighted Edge Slidelock

Place this tool on your fabric and a well lit clearly defined cutting guide edge appears

24" Lighted Lines Ruler

Regardless of color, style or fabric print, the lighted lines on these rulers show up

Packaged Sets

Lighted Slidelocks and Lighted Edge Rulers, packaged together to make quilting easier

"There is nothing quite so frustrating as positioning your ruler on the fabric, start the cut, and as you approach the end, the ruler slips. With Slidelock there isn't that slipping."
- Betty