The non-slip quilting ruler quilters talk about!
What is a slidelock?

A slidelock, simply put, is a quilter’s best friend.  By providing you with a firm, lock-like grip on your fabric, this non-slip quilting ruler allows you to easily and safely make precision cuts in half the time!

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Non-slip quilting ruler for easy, safe rotary cutting by Quilters Slidelock

Why the Slidelock?

The Quilters Slidelock is a non-slip quilting ruler for rotary cutting that solves the three biggest problems quilters face while trying to cut fabric: slippage, cutting and FRUSTRATION! The Quilters Slidelock holds the fabric securely,  protects your fingers, and most importantly, is easy to use!

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New! Dragonskin RESIZE-IT Template Set

You are going to love this!

Accurately resize half-square and quarter-square triangle segments in seconds with a Dragonskin™ RESIZE-IT Template. Easily trim away excess fabric without the need to reposition  anything—not the triangle piece, not the template, not your hand. Simply align the solid diagonal resize-it line directly over the stitching line, lightly press down, hold and trim. The  remarkable holding power of the dragonskin surface stops all template movement yet does not block visibility. Each RESIZE-IT template features a built-in safety handle and two highly  visible diagonal alignment lines. No additional measurement lines are needed. Quarter inch thick RESIZE-IT templates reduce the chance of accidently cutting into the template edge.  3-piece package template set comes with one each, 2½”. 3½” and 4½” inch template. Sizes includes a quarter-inch seam allowance. Watch our “Resizing half and quarter-square  segments” how-to-video.


  • Powerful Dragonskin™ stops all template movement
  • Easy to hold permanently attached safety handle
  • Precisely etched highly visible lighted alignment lines
  • Transparent see through template
  • Quarter-inch thick template improves rotary cutting safety
    • Multiple uses

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