About the Quilter’s Slidelock®

about-page-newQuilter’s Slidelocks are unlike any of the rulers quilters commonly use. When a quilter positions a Slidelock on fabric and pushes down on the center of the handle, rotary cutting magic happens; absolutely nothing moves. Not the fabric, not the Slidelock. Every width-of-fabric strip or quilt block piece is perfect.

It’s the most accurate method of cutting quilt fabric there is. All it takes is a minimal amount of continuous hand pressure applied to the center of the handle to securely hold both fabric and Slidelock in place while rotary cutting.

1/4″ Safety Edge

The ¼” inch thick base adds an extra measure of rotary cutting safety. With your hand safely up on the handle and the quarter inch thick base guiding edge, the chance of the rotary cutter going up and across the Slidelock base and into your hand is greatly reduced.

A Quilters Slidelock is an excellent solution for those quilters who have all but given up quilting due to arthritis, carpal tunnel or other conditions that have made using excessive hand pressure on a flat ruler all but impossible.

Using the Slidelock is EASY!

In only three simple steps every quilter can cut perfectly straight accurate width-of-fabric strips and pieces:


Measure still photo-lng copy

2Push Down & Hold

Push Down Photo-lng copy


Cutting Strips Still Photo-lng