A quilting tool like no other

What is a slidelock? A slidelock, simply put, is a quilter’s best friend.  By providing you with a firm, lock-like grip on your fabric, it is a tool that allow you to easily and safely make precision cuts in half the time!

Why the Slidelock?

The Quilters Slidelock solves the three biggest problems quilters face while trying to cut fabric: slippage, cutting and FRUSTRATION! The Quilters Slidelock holds the fabric securely, protects your fingers, and most importantly, is easy to use!

NEW! We love this 60° template.

A perfect companion for the 14” Slidelock. Cut 60° triangles, diamonds and wedges in 11⁄2, 21⁄2, 31⁄2 and 41⁄2 sizes for a total of 12 individual quilt block pieces. Each Template features clearly defined easy to follow measurement lines and shaded shape illustrations. Full color instructions included. Watch how easy it is to use this template in our “Angles, Triangles, Diamonds and more” tutorials.

I cannot tell you what a wonderful tool this new non-slip Slidelock is! It is truly amazing.

Coos Bay, OR

The Slidelock solves common quilting cutting problems

  • Problem:

    Time and frustration


    No wasted time or energy when using a Slidelock—no recutting, no wasted fabric, just perfectly cut pieces in half the time!

    Quilter's Slidelock Image
  • Problem:

    Accidental cutting of fingers


    The solid 1/4″ high Slidelock base reduces accidental cutting of fingers. Take the worry out of injuring yourself!

    Quilter's Slidelock Image
  • The Problem

    Sideways slippage while cutting

    The Solution

    The Quilter’s Slidelock holds fabric tight, resulting in perfect cuts every time!

    Quilter's Slidelock Image
  • A perfect cut, every time.

    The Quilter’s Slidelock comes in two colors:

    Arctic Ice

    Lighted Edge

    Quilter's Slidelocks